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Pig Vs. Pig

The Talented Mr. Grilled Cheese

It always surprises people to learn that I really don’t like cooking in my kitchen at home. Admittedly, it’s a genuine lack of effort. My kitchen’s a fairly well-appointed, comfortably-spaced environment that’d certainly be conducive to a great made-from-scratch meal. But once I’m home and the pants are off, laziness can, and often does, overwhelm me. Save your quick-and-easies, cause really, it’s a burden for me just to pre-heat the oven to make a frozen pizza (I microwave).  Still, if you cook for a living, some people out there are gonna expect you to make some magic in the kitchen, at least every now and then. So that’s when I turn to the grilled cheese.

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Kevin Van’s Tomato Sauce
This sauce is based on a mix of a Mario Batali recipe, which I think highlights the tenets of Italian cooking, and Marcella Hazan’s recipe, which extols simplicity. The key technique here is the browning of the onions and garlic, and the subtle differences in flavor that result from either cooking too fast or cooking too slow: too fast and you get a Southeast Asian flavor profile, too slow and it’s French. Getting that Italian flavor profile requires that the onions and garlic be cooked at a low temperature for a long time in just olive oil.

(via How To: Tomato Sauce)

if i didn’t have to go into work tomorrow, i’d..

go on a bike ride / build a table / learn how to DJ / take a ceramics class / drive to san francisco and eat oysters by the bay / brush up on some french / start a band / write in my blog / start a dinner party business / learn how to play the entire yann tiersen catalog / take somebody on a date / wake up really early anyways / cook dinner / learn how to take better photographs / learn how to make a croissant / do something with reclaimed wood / start a garden / get my jeans hemmed / make playlists for every genre / clean my car / write a list of things that i could now do with all my free time / go on a hike / make my own beer / intern at a butcher shop / start a CSA for foraged food / hang some pictures / spend all day on wikipedia / make a plan to travel and figure out a realistic way to save money for it


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photography — dylan james ho

photography — dylan james ho